2023 Kickoff!

In January of 2020 we began the slow methodical process of setting up two workshops: woodworking & glass kiln-forming.  Even as the spaces themselves are still morphing to facilitate the design and construction of our endeavors, the products we decide upon have slowly evolved to reflect how we live.  We are after all, the initial customers and critics of everything Space Cats sells!

Over three busy years, some surprising findings, and amazing feedback from our initial customers - we've curated a portfolio that we hope folks like us would enjoy.  We've long since abandoned the futility of meeting the market where it seeks lowest price, cheapest construction, or fastest assembly.  Instead, we craft each line, then each delivery as part of our mission statement:  "Live An Artful Life!"  The rooms you decorate, the furniture you use, and the style you choose should all be purposeful, unique and functional. 

Space Cat Studios arose from naming what we were already doing: sourcing materials from our neighbors like Sustainable Woods Northwest, Bullseye Glass, listening to advice from makers around us like DC Ringz and Heart Leaf Vintage, and channeling the community spirit of collaboration. 

This site is a tiny window into our larger efforts - we only list the products that have really reached a maturity we feel great about.  If you want to catch up on what's latest - see our Instagram page for upcoming "drops" of new products before they reach here.  Or just shoot us an email to share your ideas and considerations, we're all ears.


2023 Kickoff!
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